Ear / Energy Acupuncture

Dhyana uses needleless acupuncture and a selenite wand to attune to your system and stimulate acupoints that connect to the major organ systems and energetic systems throughout the body. She uses her Higher Intuitive ability to access the invisible realms where the highest positive forms of healing take place. 

 Your innate healing powers are enhanced. You feel whole and complete.

The mind is cleared of excess "baggage"and then light frequencies (prana) can flow through the higher chakras. The energy fields of heart and love are balanced and strengthened.

Energetic Acupuncture expands traditional acupuncture by accessing finer energy frequencies. Negative states of mind, fear and anger are calmed and cleared. Chakra Balancing Patterns unlock gateways to higher levels of consciousness. We center, ground and anchor positive light frequencies within the energy field.

Your divine self is manifesting miracles in your body.

We embody the power of connection with the Source and are grounded in both worlds, the world of the divine and the world of daily experiences.

For high-level yogis and yoginis, this is a powerful opportunity to access deeper levels and extremely blissful kundalini awakenings. Discover who you really are. Cultivate your connection to Life Force and integrate in daily life. Find the source of love, peace and harmony within.

A co-creative harmonious interaction with self, others and the universe is possible. Your love life, family life, social life and business life all prosper.

A powerful method for trauma recovery and spiritual healing.

Organs and energetic systems~ Dhyana will place 5 tiny needles in each ear to activate and balance the 5 organ systems: sympathetic nervous system, Shen point or heart spirit point, kidney, liver and lungs.  Health depends on an efficient operation of all its systems. These needles are left in place for 30 to 45 minutes while you rest and relax deeply on the table.

The Qi or Life Force flows through the pathways in the body.

Lose weight and quit smoking with Dhyana's addiction protocols and this adjunct Acu-detox treatment.

Empowering you and assisting you in your own innate ability to heal yourself. 


Decreased cravings (drugs, alcohol, nicotine, food)

Detoxification and support with getting off painkillers

Reduced depression and anxiety

Decreased chronic pain

Improved sense of well-being

Ability to cope with stress

Decreased blood pressure

Ear acupuncture tonifies and strengthens the body. It clears the mind and boosts your sense of vitality. It also brings relaxation for deep rejuvenation and healing. 


INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP EAR ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENT SESSIONS These are tremendously beneficial for relaxation and health in corporate settings, campuses, retirement homes, hospice-care facilities, hospitals, jail and for disaster relief. 

Price upon request.