and have a life beyond what you now envision 


Down-to-earth expert, teacher and consultant, Dhyana has traveled around the world learning proven healing techniques that can empower you to make powerful changes in an area of your life where you are facing challenges whether health, dating, family or career.

In her healing practice, she taps into the interaction of mind and body and the body's natural ability to heal. She provides an energy medicine kit and a step-by-step guide to access the vast space of possibility within you. We will shine the spotlight on your highest potential.

Thousands of people around the world choose these energy healing approaches, workshops, and resources on their path to healing and personal fulfillment.

Her signature offerings, which blend her advanced visionary abilities in a variety of bodywork modalities with her psychically-informed psychotherapeutic techniques, have become highly sought after around the globe. She works one-on-one with clients both in person and through distance healing.


what do you seek on your path to wholeness?


PAIN FREE BODY, restoration, relaxation, opening, flow, ease, embodiment, grounding, health, wellness, freedom, energizing


you can Apply this to  regain comfort and control of your body. Rediscover the feeling of vitality, energy, and the essence of your youth. The world is your oyster.  



Sexual FULFILLMENT, PLEASURe, deep connection with self and partner, Bliss, awakening, FEEL SEXY AGAIN, valuable insights, empowerment


you can Apply this to GET IN TOUCH WITH THE HIGHEST VISION OF YOUR SENSUAL GODDESS AND SHINE YOUR FEMININE POWER IN AND OUT OF THE BEDROOM, IN The WORLD. step into new experiences of bliss, pleasure, and connection you've never dreamed of but always knew were within you. 



JOY, FULFILLMENT, HAPPINESS, balance, well-being, peace, calm, SILENCE, STILLNESS AND SPACIOUSNESS, connection, renewal, higher consciousness, spirit, soul

you can apply this to your daily personal and business life, and discover the bliss that comes from expressing your creative gifts, unique purpose, and full potential in this life. step into a life you love.

bodywork modalities

Deep structural integration bodywork and therapeutic touch bring balance and alignment to the energy body through holistic massage, craniosacral therapy, energy healing, and acupressure. For health maintenance and healing.

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emotional Coaching & healing


EMDR including Brainspotting and Hypnotherapy are revolutionary,   integrated approaches that lead to new insights, positive emotions and the development of new skills.

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holistic tarot


Dhyana helps you look at the tarot map that unfolds before your eyes, and to deepen intuitively into its messages. She will support you to move in new directions, and to heal from past and current wounds. She will help you face your doubts and fears and envision new steps for a happier future.

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spiritual services


With guidance, you'll unlock your ability to release the past and embrace your inner spiritual self. You will be empowered to make choices that lead to an awakened and fulfilling life.

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Experience archetypal guidance to bring you further into your true self and deeper into your body. You will become rooted in the bliss and sense of knowing that comes from of unlocking your divine wild feminine. 

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workshops & events

You can book Dhyana for a variety of group experiences, be it a workshop or class for a spiritual group, community, educational setting, party or event. She can do her Intuitive Tarot Readings anywhere you need me. She also leads Meditation, Mindfulness, & Qi-Gong Classes in a variety of settings.

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What you can exPECT


Initial Consultation

Dhyana will ask you about your symptoms, history, relationships, patterns of eating, exercising, ways of relaxing and lifestyle. Together you will select one, two or three therapies.

The appointment will last from 60 minutes to 90 or 120 minutes.



During the session 

You are in an Energy Healing Sanctuary. 

You will be on the table fully clothed or you can remove any tight clothing. Or you may be seated in a comfortable hypnotherapy chair.

Dhyana does an energetic diagnostic and activates your healing resources. We access Theta states. Using skillful healing touch and energetic tools we enter an earth-centered, enhanced mind expansion and work from deep knowledge and wisdom. 




After the Session

Most clients report feeling both energized and deeply relaxed. They may experience a shift in consciousness and they may access their higher Self. Their physical body is balanced, their energy body awakened and their mental state open and relaxed. 

Advantages of Energy Healing

Some patients experience deep relaxation, a heightened perception and clear mind.

Seeks to get to the root of the problem, whether physical or mental.

Modern medicine recognizes the benefits of energy healing with these two modalities: Craniosacral Therapy and Acupuncture (with needles and needleless)
Relieves pain and eases symptoms

Assists with treatment of a variety of ailments

Non-invasive and gentle

Therapeutic, deep structural

Decreases worry, depression and stress

Contact DHyana



Dhyana has a busy schedule and asks that you give her a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel.  Your card will be charged 50% if you cancel during the 24-hour period before your scheduled appointment.

Invest in your long-term well-being with energy sessions and a Wellness Plan.

  • In-Person Appointment

  • Half-day, full day, or two-day packages for out-of-town clients are available

  • Distance Healing (an intuitive session) within the US is also available via phone or Skype

  • Worldwide Intuitive Sessions via phone or Skype. Dhyana has clients in Europe, India, China, Russia and South America. Dhyana speaks French, Spanish and Italian

  • Packages: 4 – 6 sessions Pricing based on type of treatment. Generally a 10% discount

  • Initial 30 minute free phone consultation

Relaxation Videos: Listen to a free sample of Dhyana’s relaxation videos: On the Ocean

We have a deep commitment to our Healing Community.  Join us!

Access Dhyana's YouTube channel

Waiver: Dhyana Eagleton does not diagnose or treat medical problems. Please seek advice from a qualified, licensed physician. The material contained on this website and during consultations is not to be construed as legal, medical or professional advice.


95th and Arapahoe

Lafayette, Colorado 80026

Email: Dhyana@dhyanaeagleton.com

Please call 720-353-1111 for appointment


Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 6 pm



Have a question?

Send Dhyana a message and she will answer you as soon as possible.



  • Dhyana Eagleton is a medical intuitive of extraordinary abilities.  It is second nature to her to read people's energies.  With her clients she often enters into what she describes as a "light trance state" and journeys into their bodies.  She can do this at a distance as well.  She addresses the images she sees with a range of healing responses that include shamanic journeying, energetic balancing, cranial-sacral techniques, EMDR, therapeutic massage, and various forms of psychotherapy.  
    — Lewis V, New York, NY – Grateful client
  • The work I did with Dhyana was even more profound than I realized. What she does for me is restore me. She brings me to some deeper truth about myself that I’m unable to connect with alone. I feel like it’s changing my life for good, setting me on the path I was meant to take. Somehow she has given me the courage to do that. I’ll never be able to thank her enough.
    — Susan B., Boulder, CO
  • Her ability to see with her hands as a medical intuitive makes her work extraordinary.  We are lucky to have such a treasure in our midst. I would consider her the next generation of Caroline Myss. 
    — Lori Kochevar MS LPC, Owner of Brighten the Brain, Boulder, CO
  • Dhyana I am so thankful for our craniosacral session with a focus on my sacrum for my digestive and other reproductive issues that have plagued me. I was really shifting. We were traveling almost like we were traveling on a shamanic plane.  I could feel you in me moving energy all night, especially the root and 2nd chakras.
    — Melissa P, Mother, Louisville, CO