Spiritual Healing / Awakening with Dhyana

Through Dhyana's guidance, you'll unlock your ability to release the past and embrace your inner spiritual self. Once and for all, you will be empowered to make choices that lead to an awakened and fulfilling life.

Imagine your life after letting go of your negative thought patterns, false beliefs, resentments, and resistance. Imagine moving out of that darkness you've experienced for so long, and finally opening the door to light. The tools of inner work, inner peace, and healing have helped thousands of women step into their spiritual healing and awakening. 

As you step through and into your awakened, spiritual self, you'll feel that it was those very life lessons that led you to a higher perspective where magic, miracles, and blessings can flow. 

Join me as I guide you through a proven blend of instruction and step-by-step experiential exercises with total support and compassion through your journey. 



You can experience a spiritual healing TriFusion session for profound relaxation and restoration. Dhyana will guide you on the table to connect you with your inner healing and with your highest self.

This one time sessions can bring healing to your body, soften underlying emotional stress, and connect you with spirit. 



Level Two of Dhyana's Spiritual Awakening teachings is rooted in emotional healing. As you begin with emotional healing, you'll get in touch with your unique spiritual self and begin to live an inspired, authentic life.

Dhyana will guide you to recognize your cravings, addictions, and unwanted habits. Through this process, you'll experience an opening that leads you to spaciousness, stillness, and a sense of inner peace. 

With these methods, you will access new possibilities that lead you toward an empowered life and exciting future. 



You will learn the technique of how to meditate, and how to continue in that calm state with presence through your daily life. Your addictions and patterns will have subsided, and you will be able to see yourself and the world with clarity. With that clarity, circumstances no longer sway you, mood swings no longer control you, and you feel strong, steady, and empowered. 

Through these mindfulness techniques, experience the joy and bliss of a calm mind that lets you discover your true purpose in life and manifest it in the outer world. 

Imagine the sensations of deep relaxation and calm you feel at the end of a yoga or meditation session. These techniques bring that experience of spiritual opening off the yoga mat and off the meditation cushion into the rest of your life. It is during this process that you truly step into being a yogini/yogi. 





Level 4 is based on a curriculum rooted in 3 areas: Chakras, Deepening Wisdom, and Dzogchen Practice.

You can embrace a divine pathway and sacred medicine and miracles for healing yourself and for others. Through this work, we can access our higher self or divinity and use the portals of chakras.

You’ll explore and learn exercise on how to channel your personal spiritual guides, angels, and spiritual teachers.

This knowledge of these world healing traditions have been powerful resources for over 5000 years throughout Tibet, China, and India. All the major spiritual pathways of China, Tibet, and India all use the chakras as the energy goes along the spine’s central channel.

World healing traditions offer invaluable information about meridians, chakras (power centers) and human energy fields, auric layers, fields of astral light that can enhance your complementary healing approach or your professional healing practice.

Learning about your luminous body through Eastern energetic modalities such as Qigong, Energy Acupuncture, Sacred Geometry or Chakras will provide a powerful resource to complement healing at the physical level.

Together, you and Dhyana will explore and master the following:

  • Central channel and microcosmic orbit

  • Astral light and the luminous body

  • Balance of Yin and Yang

  • Sound healing

  • Intentional healing

  • Universal life energy (chi, ki, qi, prana)

  • Creative visualization, imagination, and the magical

  • Energetic imbalance and disharmony

  • Advanced chakra wisdom

  • Measuring light and the human aura

  • The third eye

LEVEL 4 - PHASE 2: sacred natural world: Balance your 5 elements

The five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space are the sacred underlying forces of existence. Dhyana will guide you to increase your life force through the five elements and soul retrieval in your body as you enhance healing, wellbeing, vitality, prosperity, and health, and longevity.

Using the practice of the shamanic worldview of Tibetan Bon, a major spiritual tradition of Tibet, Dhyana will help you retrieve lost positive qualities, elements and life force lost through shock and trauma of challenging life events.

You and Dhyana will explore specific and current challenging issues, and will balance the five elements as you live them in your life.


If you are feeling lazy, dim, and uninterested, this may be an excess in Earth energy. On the other hand, if you are feeling disconnected, flighty, and spacy you may have a lack of Earth energy. Upon finding balance, you’ll feel more stable, grounded, and confident than ever before.


If you are feeling as if you’re floating through life without any productivity and a loss of emotion, this may be an excess of Water energy. On the other hand, if you are feeling a lack of joy and detached from yourself and those around you, you may have a lack of Water energy. Upon finding balance, you’ll feel more fluid on a day-to-day basis, more open to new people and opportunities, and more accepting of any circumstance than ever before.


If you are feeling as if even the simplest things infuriate and irritate you, this may be an excess of Fire energy. On the other hand, if you are feeling uninspired, bored, and apathetic, you may have a lack of Fire energy. Upon finding balance, you’ll feel a never-ending sense of creative energy and an excitement and enthusiasm that make you excited to wake up every single day and create anything you want in your life.


If you are feeling like there is no stability in your life, and a sense of boredom and restlessness, you may have an excess of Air energy. On the other hand, if you are feeling like every little thing is difficult and challenging, and that you are constantly worrying, you may have a deficiency in Air energy. Upon finding balance, you’ll be able to transform negative into positive in any situation. You’ll also feel a youthful curiosity toward learning, and you’ll be able to be flexible in your mind and in your outer world.


If you are feeling spacey, as if you can’t connect to anything, and you feel lost and out of touch, you may have an excess of Space energy. On the other hand, if you are feeling like work is just too much, you have no time, and you can’t relax, you may have a deficiency in Space energy. Upon finding balance, you’ll be able to make room in your life for anything, you’ll finally feel like you have enough time, and you will be able to root yourself and always feel grounded.


Level 4 - Phase 3: Dzogchen

In the previous three levels, you learned to calm your mind and remain in a continual state of calm. You’ve stepped into your authentic, true self, and you’ve experienced the joy of awakening to your spiritual path.

You are now ready to embark on the journey of the dakini/daka, one who travels in the sky.

This stage, while difficult to express in written words as it is beyond any ordinary limitations and beyond the conditioned mind, is about being awakened in the present moment. Here you cut through distractions and obstacles to rest in the natural state of your mind. You will experience the stillness of the mountain and pure silence and presence.

In Dzogchen, which means the Great Perfection Teachings, you learn through the presence of a teacher who is in the awakened state. The knowledge of that state is transmitted from teacher to student as they are guided to fully wake up in their natural, true state. Here, they are no longer bound by any constricted identity.

It is during this process that you truly step into being a dakini/daka. The dakini is the female sky traveler, and the daka is the male sky traveler. What is the sky traveler? As sky travelers, they first become aware of the difference between their chatterbox mind and their true mind. It is here that they abide in the sky of their natural, true mind where everything is open, empty, and expansive.

At this stage, you as a dakina/daka cultivate a sense of mastery and the capacity to attain absolute boundless freedom in a state of oneness and presence.

Higher practices can include dark retreats, such as a cave, cabin, or other environment like a float tank, for immediate powerful visionary experiences of energy and light.

Other higher practices include preparation for death, dying and the Afterlife. The subtle energy body can transform into a rainbow body or light body at death, a stage that Dhyana will address through her teachings.  




Empowering you on your spiritual journey with ancient wisdom techniques and modern approaches. You'll have the option to work with Dhyana in a variety of ways, including private instruction and group sessions of all levels. You'll also be provided with one-on-one sessions, available over Skype as well, for you to deepen and access your highest potential.  

  1. Spiritual Healing with a TriFusion Session ~ You access higher consciousness states while on the table/ Dhyana helps you deepen into higher states of consciousness.

  2. Begin with Emotional Healing to develop a positive life, release negative emotional states and get in touch with your unique spiritual self: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) LINK here? Skills for releasing negative beliefs, trauma, confusion, fear and the pain identity. Releasing body and mind tension. Understanding cravings and addictions vs the spacious unconditioned mind.

  3. Learn Meditation Basics  Begin a meditation practice. If you have no experience with meditation, private or group instruction sessions are both very accessible.

  4. A Meditation Program or one-on-one sessions for you to deepen and access your highest potential.

  5. Mindfulness in Daily Life: Learn how to be grounded and centered in daily life. Learn sitting practice, walking practice and mindfulness practice for daily life. Renowned Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction exercises are designed to suit your lifestyle in your family, at work, and in your community.



Dhyana has trained for 35 years with the renowned master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and many other masters. With an international background, she has visited Christian sanctuaries and sacred Buddhist temples around the world from India and China to Hawaii, and Europe. She has an interfaith approach. She uses wisdom energy approaches including Tibetan, Taoist (Qigong), and Pranayama/Yoga/Kundalini methods. She offers a variety of transformative sessions, and guides you through the journey on your path.