bodywork modalities

holistic massage

Massage sessions focus on your particular circumstances and needs, whether the goal is relaxation, pain reduction, grounding, therapeutic, etc. Other modalities can be incorporated into any massage session.


Craniosacral Therapy enhances your body's natural ability to heal itself. Deep structural integration – Bodywork and therapeutic touch bring balance and alignment to the energy body.  For health maintenance and healing. 

CST is used to treat a wide spectrum of conditions

  • Arthritis

  • Central nervous system disorders

  • Chronic and acute pain

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Migraine headaches

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Scoliosis and spinal issues

  • Stress and tension-related complaints

  • Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)

  • Underlying emotional challenges 


Dhyana will hold your head and your sacrum and do a body scan to determine structural issues, misalignments, constrictions and blockages.  She will begin to open up your system through deep listening and connecting. You will enter into a powerful state of relaxation where true healing begins. Your body-centered energy awareness expands. Your heart experiences an energetic opening. You drop into a deep sense of bliss and peace. Calming and mood-altering.

Energy Acupressure and reiki

 Millions of people around the world are choosing energetic modalities. Eastern energetic modalities combined with Western approaches yield optimal results for your overall health. The most successful healing occurs when we connect with all levels of our physical and energetic selves. Energetic medicine is used for prevention and regular maintenance. Acupuncture, Tai-Chi, and Qi Gong, herbs, diet and lifestyle are part of Taoist secrets to a long and happy life.

Dhyana and energy acupressure and reiki

This modality expands traditional acupuncture by accessing finer energy frequencies. Dhyana uses a selenite crystal wand which substitutes for a needle to attune to your energetic system. This is a pleasurable and painless acupuncture. She stimulates specific acupoints for your personal physical, emotional and health needs. Pain relief occurs and healing begins. These points connect to the major organ systems and energetic systems throughout the body.

Dhyana uses her Higher Intuitive ability to access the invisible subtle energy realms where the highest positive forms of healing take place. The mind is cleared of excess "baggage" (negative states of mind, fear and anger) and brain fog. Then light frequencies (prana, subtle energy) can flow through the higher chakras and meridians/channels or rivers of light. You sense and recognize your own subtle energy system. You have experiences of heightened sensory perception, clarity and bliss.