A World of Pleasure In and Out of the Bedroom

1-ON-1 COACHING WITH DHYAN: Sexual Fulfillment and Initiation Into Pleasure


What is the Power of the Inner Sensual Goddess and is it right for you?

As Founder of “Wild Feminine Worldwide”, Dhyana has uncovered the secrets to sexual fulfillment and initiation into pleasure for women worldwide for 25+ years.

Through her life experiences and decades of research ~ part French woman (born in Paris, French mother, raised in Europe, international life of adventure), she has an intimate understanding about the power of a woman who is strong and sexy.

Who can benefit from this program?

  • Women from all walks of life and sexual identities

  • Mothers pre and postpartum

  • Victims of sexual abuse and trauma

  • Victims of current relationship verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual violence

  • Pre and peri-menopausal women

  • Women with relationship issues around sex

  • Women who want help with dating

One important secret is how to access a World of Pleasure both In and Out of the Bedroom.

What does that mean?

The two areas of who we are out of the bedroom in our daily life and how we express ourselves intimately “in the bedroom” are intertwined. If we connect naturally to our sensual radiance while enjoying the many sensual pleasures (previously not tapped into) that are available to us in our daily life, we are likely to enjoy our erotic energy in the bedroom as well.

Out of the bedroom, your journey to your inner goddess and the deep mysteries of female sexuality begins with you experiencing more pleasure in a multitude of new ways, loving yourself more and finding your fun-loving spirit. You learn to let go of your need to constantly care for others and you embody that spirit wherever you go, becoming more empowered and charismatic.

In the bedroom, you are freed up to learn love play or sex play practices and your body’s pleasure potential, your natural birthright. You discover the highest version of your inner radiant sensual goddess as you open to pleasure that you only dreamed of (alone or with a partner).

Both in and out of the bedroom, we look at new exciting practices and tools for you to transform your femininity. She shows you how to enhance all your unique charms, how to be more magnetic by radiating your beauty, by using your “come hither” eyes, your sexy voice, your sensual body movement to have a mesmerizing impact when you walk into a room, with a date, with your partner, and wherever you go. She shares with you how to embody two qualities of the seductress that attract people to you: warmth, open-heartedness and the hidden, mysterious feminine. You learn how to embrace your powerful juiciness, how to be irresistible and how to have a real impact in both your personal and professional life for more intimacy and connection.

 Stepping out of constraints and old patterns and taking more risks to find your true passionate self leads to the wild feminine.  And Dhyana ignites a wondrous adventure in the area of who you are in and out the bedroom, allowing all aspects of yourself including your sexual expression to be unleashed. You learn how to powerfully integrate your newfound sexuality with your daily life.

What are Hypnosis and Sex Hypnotherapy and Can They Help You?

Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind and can overcome negative self-talk, internal dialog and old scripts that have been blocking you. Hypnosis can be effective in treating a wide array of conditions including weight loss, smoking cessation, body image, bad habits, phobias, panic attacks, depression and anxiety, drinking and drugs, workaholism, etc.

In the area of sexuality, Sex Hypnotherapy (an integration of hypnosis and sex therapy techniques) can help you overcome sexual negative self-talk and negative beliefs, and impacts of trauma that are inhibiting you and preventing you from enjoying your sexuality. Specific techniques such as erotic guided imagery can alleviate a lack of desire and bring spontaneity, play and joyful sex into the bedroom.

In the area of Hypnosis and Sex Hypnotherapy, I teach you self-empowerment through taking control of your own healing process with additional simple, easy-to-learn self-hypnotic skills.