Esoteric Erotic Arts

1-ON-1 COACHING WITH DHYANA: The Path of Sacred Female Sexuality

How do I Inspire You To Find the Highest Vision of the Power of the Sacred Inner Goddess Within You?

You will be engaged in a process of self-cultivation to becoming sexually whole and empowered, and live up to your highest sexual potential.

Feminine sexual energy is a gateway to spiritual awakening for women, and for their partners. Erotic spirituality leads to ecstatic aliveness in daily life.

As teacher, trainer, author and visionary, I will inspire you to get to a deep level of healing and exploration of your subtle energy body.

  • You will learn the art of deep relaxation, an opening to embodied bliss.

  • You will understand how to awaken the flow of Kundalini energy and sense it rippling through your body.

  • You will develop Yin Yang balance and centering skills in daily life.

  • You will access and activate higher consciousness states and expanded heightened experiences.

  • You will connect to your energetic power centers, the 7 chakras and higher chakras, the subtle energy field and your subtle body.

  • You will learn techniques for activating the light flow of Qi and circulating ecstatic energy through inner pathways.

  • You will discover how to circulate this energy between you and a partner.

Powerful orgasmic energy becomes available to you through breathwork, visualization, sexual activation techniques and sacred intention. Orgasmic self-mastery or solo practice is a key practice. Women taste again and deeply enjoy the bliss of their own female sexual energy and can share it with a partner.

An inspired and passionate teacher and life coach, I draw from an array of tools to help you: visualization, breathwork, sex hypnotherapy, EMDR for early childhood reprogramming and sexual abuse release, Tantric and Taoist orgasm for women, Kundalini awakening, opening the energy body, chakras, mindfulness during sex, intimate connection, sex magic, and couples counseling for women and their partners.

An inspiring place to experience Dhyana’s guidance is in her upcoming online courses, podcasts and day-retreats. In her trainings, she reveals how learning more about your sexual potential isn’t just about satisfying your partner, but about finding deep pleasure and reclaiming what is yours.