Reaching For Your Highest Self

1-ON-1 COACHING WITH DHYANA: Personal Growth for Success in ANY Area of Life.


What is “Reaching for Your Highest Self” and is this program right for you?

We are shining the spotlight on your highest potential in any area of your life and helping you take steps to get to your highest vision and create the life you want.

Join me for an intensive personal transformation process, a game-changing roadmap on the way to well-being where you can do the inner work and step into your feminine power, radiance and happiness. This is a new paradigm for women who are living with a lack of power or with victimhood and who can become confident, empowered and fulfilled.

How do I guide you to Reach for Your Highest Self?

For 25+ years I have been dedicated to inspire and empower women around the globe to create the lives they want through an inspiring message of awakening, life coaching sessions, guided meditations and ongoing online personal development courses.

This roadmap to personal growth and healing combines the teachings and practices that have transformed thousands of lives.  

Behind closed doors and in a sacred environment, together we will help you to get out of your comfort zone and look at your life’s lessons and challenges, your wounding, betrayal and loneliness. We go deep inside your life to unearth what blocks you, heal and release it. I will encourage you to let go of your blocks to success, navigate any area of life, and find your mission and purpose as a woman. Live your life dreams each day with a bigger and fuller contribution to your community and world. Enjoy life again and step out into a bigger life!

In the area of relationship, I explain why enjoying life again is at the core of my approach and why exchanging relationship conflict and boredom for love is important. I show you how to say No to drama in your relationship and Yes to what truly matters. What goes on in your relationship is what you are creating. What moves you to tears? What is your powerful story? What lessons can you learn to have access to a powerful relationship? 

If you choose to participate in group sessions or community gatherings, you share with your sisters in a loving space where all choose to support each other on their healing journey.

Women can embrace the feminine wisdom so needed in our world and embody their beauty, power and soulful femininity.


I draw from a variety of modalities and tools: life coaching, EMDR/Brainspotting, hypnosis for trauma resolution, hypnosis for weight loss and an array of issues, and energy work.